Roxy Vivien

Roxy Vivien


Coach, Women’s Muay Thai Pioneer, Kettlebell Expert, Nutrition Geek, Growth Mindset Advocate, Techno Music & Cat Lover. 😻 💚 💙

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  • Make Exercise a Habit

  • Reach Your Fitness Goals

  • Feel Strong & Confident

  • Increase Energy & Lower Stress

Over my 16 years as certified strength and fitness coach, I have helped hundreds of clients start and stick to an exercise plan with fun and effective workout programs. 

I draw from my former career as a professional Muay Thai fighter to create simple mindset strategies for success.

Using collaborative coaching and expert programming I help clients…

  • Customize a plan for their unique goals
  • Improve workout consistency for better results long term
  • Learn to enjoy exercise
  • Make healthier choices that fit into their lifestyle
  • Adopt a “Fit Mindset”
  • Discover their fitness success formula (hint, it’s different for everyone!)

Fitness does not need to be complicated to get you results!

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Roxy Vivien

Customized Programing

Workout Programs as Unique As You! 

Our programming team will write you weekly workouts and deliver them via TrueCoach, the #1 software for online personal training!

Track exercise history and metrics, easily log results, and make progress towards specific goals over time.


Three new member coaching calls in your first month.

As you progress in your training, connect and stay accountable via coaching chat messages and our private online channel.

Use messaging, voice, or video chat for coaching and support.

Member Portal

 Exclusive Content! Learn strength and fitness exercise form at home.

Get professional kettlebell and Muay Thai instruction from detailed tutorial videos and courses available only to members in our online portal.


Receive a customized macros nutrition guide tailored to your goals. Get access to our essential kitchen and meal prep guide and well as much more downloadable and digital content to keep you informed, nourished, fueled, and on track.