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Certified Personal Trainer Since 2005, Women's Muay Thai Pioneer, Nutrition Geek, Kettlebell Expert, Growth Mindset Advocate, Techno Music & Cat Lover. 😻 💚 💙 💜

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Some people call me the boundaries queen… 👑 😉

Let’s be honest, clear boundaries are awesome and allow people to shine brightly without massive burnout!

I love hearing from my readers, new clients, and anyone interested in improving their fitness and mindset through no-nonsense content and coaching.

However, if you’re selling something or tolling me, please note that ALL messages are filtered by my assistant and probably won’t reach me.

That being said, please reach out if you have constructive feedback, questions about coaching services, or want to share your strong journey with me!

That’s what this contact box is for!😺

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


x Roxy Vivien

Want to Start Your Fitness Journey On the Right Track?


Are you a busy professional who struggles with workout consistency?

Do you have fitness goals, but when you try to tackle them, end up feeling like a failure?

Do you want to feel strong, fit, and confident?

Book a 30-minute Strong Body Strategy Coaching Call with me!

  • Learn to goal set like a pro
  • Discover new systems and planning tools
  • Gain clarity, focus, and confidence
  • Improve your fitness mindset so you can get out of your own way!

On the call, we’ll discuss your goals, and I’ll give you 2-3 customized action steps to help you nail workout consistency so you can finally achieve fitness success.


Fit Mindset Action Plan
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